Pachmarhi Hotels – The best Hotels in Pachmarhi

Finding good Pachmarhi hotels:

Whenever we visit a tourist spot, finding a good hotel which is reasonable and lives up to our standard is a mammoth task. An ideal hotel must have cleanliness, good hygiene system and must be ideally located but with minimum traffic disturbance. In this blog, we are going to discuss and recommend you some of the best hotels that you would want to stay when you are visiting Pachmarhi.

Pachmarhi is situated in central India, near Pipariya town and literally attracts thousands of visitors per month. Being one of the most popular hill station in India, there are a ton of Pachmarhi Hotels which were opened and continue to serve their customers. Every place has its bag of good and bad hotels, and such is the case with this heavenly place. On my recent visit to Pachmarhi, I did an extensive search for reasonable and quality hotels in Pachmarhi. Yes, we have some winners, and you may want to check them out.

Pachmarhi Hotels                                         Hotels in Pachmarhi

Below are three Pachmarhi hotels that meet upto good quality standards and are affordable at the same time. These hotels were also recommended by my friends who have already visited Pachmarhi and have had a great experience.


2) Misty Meadows

3) Welcome Heritage Golf View

The above Pachmarhi Hotels were found to be the best in this hill station and this can be verified by the amount of people that check in everyday at these hotels. They have great customer support and the manager is quite amusing and makes your stay memorable. I usually get very picky and concentrate on minute details when selecting a hotel, since choosing a bad place to stay overnight will not only spoil your trip, but also effects your travelling spirit. Hence, I am very careful on selecting them and of course they should lie within a particular budget. No one will want to spend 10,000 per day on a hotel when the same facilities can be provided for one-tenth of that price. Again, that’s just my opinion, some people prefer to pay that amount as they believe quality comes at a price, but in real, that is not the truth.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the above hotels in pachmarhi have worked best for me and I highly recommend you to book your stay there. You won’t regret and have a wonderful and joyous stay, the place is awesome!